There are benefits in walking. Being one simplest form of exercise,  To start walking as a new form of training to keep yourself healthy try making it fun. The Greater Spokane area offers many ways to get out and get walking including the Centennial Trail, Riverfront Park,My favorite option, Theme Park which is like a fun pass to your fitness. Just a 45 minute drive from Spokane and filled with an abundance of fun. Walking into the front gates of is an automatic mood lifter and you will not think twice about the miles you walk during your stay. Getting out and walking at places such as  Theme Park offers so many health benefits and almost anyone can do it. Just by walking a half hour per day you cut your chances for disease in half. Walking for health can help you:  Reduce your risk of or help you manage type two diabetes Lower your blood pressure Help you manage your weight Lowers LADLE cholesterol, which is the bad cholesterol Raise DL cholesterol, which is the good cholesterol Improve your mood and help prevent depression Lower risk of heart attack and stroke Increase stamina to aid in strengthening muscles and bones Burn Calories, Be Prepared .The average person can burn about 130 calories in 30 minutes of walking and an amazing 260 calories in 60 minutes. In fact, a recent study from Harvard shows that you can get the same health benefits from a brisk walk as you can from high-impact jogging or even aerobics.  Theme Park to have the fun while passing the time walking, be sure to take the time to make your walk enjoyable. Wear comfortable walking shoes to prevent blisters. Warm up and do a few stretches, taking just five minutes to get your body ready could prevent injury. And, when finished with your day, stretch again before heading home.A ticket to Theme Park is a great way to make walking a joy and jump start your new summer walking regimen. For an extra boost before beginning you're walking program, give a personnel trainer a call. Training can help you make walking seem effortless.

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