Alternatives to Walking

Take a look at this list of alternatives to walking for
those days you need a little change of pace.
1-Dive in and go for a swim.
2-Try another water activity, such as water aerobics or
water walking.
3-Indulge your creative side by taking a dance class at
a local studio.
4-Take an aerobics class at the gym.
5-Take a crack at bicycling: outside, on a stationary
bike or in a spinning class.
6-Switch it up by working out on an elliptical trainer.
7-Pump some iron with a weight-training program.
8-Lace up your ice-skates, roller-skates or roller-blades.
9-Put a skip in your step—jump rope.
10-Get dizzy with a hula-hoop.
11-Exercise your body and mind with Pilates or yoga

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